Wajih is not ‘Bheria’? Cheekh enters into nail biting suspense

It is an epic episode with an intense and gripping confession scene of Wajih to Mannat, but Cheekh still creates suspense that Wajih is ‘bheria’. Read the actual story.

Unbelievable !!! everyone has been amazed more than shocked by Wajih in the epic 6th episode of Cheekh on ARY Digital. Drama fans loved Wajih’s electrifying acting.

From the last 5 episodes, we believed that Wajih is unexpectedly an “innocent” boy of Yawar’s rich family. We strongly believed that Wajih was in love with Nayab but he couldn’t expressed it.

Nevertheless, Mannat the strong woman kept on trying to find evidence of Nayab’s murder. In the 6th episode, she was acting as a professional detective but her emotions were explaining her pain as well her struggle for finding any evidence in Nayab’s killing.

First let me tell what we knew from this episode, which we didn’t expect.

We expect Mannat will doubt more about Wajih’s involvement in killing Nayab, and Wajih will be trying to assure Mannat about Shariq’s involvement. However, Wajih disclosed everything so soon. He is the “Bheria” — Remember? Nayab’s last words “Raja Bheria Hai.”

Wajih’s confession also cleared that Nayab was not raped. He tortured and hurt Nayab. “Main ne us ke donoo’n bazoo toor diye” (I broke her arms), he told Mannat. The police officer Amir Khan earlier Nayab’s father that Nayab was tried to be raped. It was not so.

Mannat couldn’t believe easily that Wajih is the real culprit. She knew that Wajih is a well mannered boy among her in-laws. She was investigating just to prove doubts wrong about Wajih’s crime, but she reached the shocking fact — “Wajih killed Nayab”.

I feels from Yawar’s character as he believes that Wajih is the “bheria”. After the 2nd episode, Yawar secretly checking Wajih’s room and other things — looks like he is more sure than Mannat about Wajih’s role.

In the 3rd episode, Wajih asks his servant, “Mere kamre main koun aya tha?” “Sir bare bhaya (Yawar) aye the,” the servant told.

Wajih tells Mannat in the 3rd episode, “Jis buri tarah se mara tha [Nayab ko] ye kisi insan ka kam nahi ho sakta.”

Now episode 6, cleared many things, yessss — Wajih wohi bheria hai !!! Mannat continued to find answers to the questions about Nayab’s murder but couldn’t believed that she would find it so soon — that is what exactly happened, she reached the truth.

The entire confession scene was intense and gripping. “Sab btata hoon magar us ke bad moonh band rakhna” — Wajih before confessing

And Now !! What Mannat can do, is full of suspense. We know she will fight and win. But how? — From episode 6, I understood, she will think for a while to give up. As her mother ask her, “Baz dafa khamoshi bhi aik bahut bari naimat sabit huti hai, … balke tu aisa kar pyar hi pyar main us se maafi mang.” — 7th episode promo also shows her helplessness.

Mannat says sorry to Nayab’s father Ramzan, “main kuch nahi kar sakti”. However, Ramzan starts fighting the powerful family. He throws black liquid at Wajih’s face, “Wajih ka moonh kala kar dia.”

Mannat’s life is going to be very difficult. She has to face many challenges, she has to tell her elite class family that their own beloved Wajih is a “bheria”, — the killer of Nayab. She will face the anger of family head Yawar who is trying his best to protect his youngest brother Wajih and family’s honour as well.

I don’t want to believe Wajih as “bheria” He is not???

I still feel it is not Wajih even though he himself confessed it all. But I am confused why would he tell everything true to Mannat so easily?

Though the episode showed, Wajih was torturing Nayab, then pushed back and throw her down. But I doubt, he is trying to save someone close to him or he did so for some purpose. He maybe, deliberately takes the blame on himself and tries to stop Mannat investigating things like a professional detective.

He believes, he is so high on himself and can do anything he wish, And he could manage the case afterwards. So it is not a big deal for him to confess his crime.

I can’t believe, he killed Nayab just because she rejected him and slapped him. I still feels, he has his own purpose behind the confession.

Otherwise, if I want to believe, Wajih’s character the face of today’s rich-family-guys. He thinks why would a girl refuse to him of anything, how someone dare to slap him if he asked her to be in pre-marital relationship with him. — Thus to story goes on and Yawar is on mission to prove his guilty brother innocent.

Bahar hal :-p

I loved this epic episode. The electrifying actor Saba Qamar & heartthrob Bilal Abbas Khan were superb. Ushna Shah play like real not acting and made many fans cry. She is a girl who chose respect and fight against agreement to Wajih’s will and she lost her life.

Till now, Cheekh’s story stayed relevant and hope that unlike common Pakistani dramas, Cheekh won’t take Ramzan and Mannat’s fight too long to serve justice for Nayab.

Anyways, Wajih is the “bheria” and everyone loved this ‘bheria’. Cheekh trended on top on Twitter today — February 9 and 10. — the play is full of suspense — Nail biting suspense.