Restless Mannat, Arrogant Wajih in Intensified Cheekh’s episode 7

Amazingly directed episode 7 is out with arrogant Wajih mocking Nayab’s death shamelessly and Mannat’s restless life ahead having no support.

In the previous episode 6 of Cheekh drama, I tried to believe that Wajih is not the real culprit who murdered Nayab. However, the episode 7 exposed Wajih’s ugly face and revealed he is proud of his money and elite class of his family. But — it didn’t work at all.

Mannat is now more helpless and lonely while fighting for Nayab. No one wants to believe Mannat. When she meets her mother, and the mother tells her that the world is so cruel and she should give up, Mannat and her mother’s reactions are very heart-wrenching.

Mannat’s mother wants to stop her from whatever she plans to punish Wajih. Her widow mother believes that it would put Mannat’s marital life in shambles. As her husband Shayan is the elder brother of Wajih.

Mannat doesn’t expect what her mother tells her. She doesn’t want her mother to advise her for keeping silence. However, Mannat becomes more confused and feels how much she is alone.

Mannat’s widow mother wants her to apologise to Wajih — after all she is a mother and she is right to do so.

Mannat’s mother was so strong while advising her daughter how and why to stop fighting her own powerful family. After Mannat leaves, her mother breaks into tears (as she cannot help her daughter anyhow).

We saw a changed and wicked Wajih. He was so innocent and decent in the previous episodes. In episode 6 and now 7, he reminds us the influential kids of elite class families of our country.

He is so confident when he goes and meets Nayab’s parents. He is now on mission to bribe everyone and buy all the ‘greedy-loyalties’ of everyone related to Nayab’s murder case.

Nayab’s step mother Shamsa is easy target for the arrogant Wajih. He tries to pay enough amount of money to her and make her his supportive. She could stop Ramzan from pursuing the case. However, Ramzan looks like, he will never ever stop fighting Wajih’s family and pursuing the case.

Mannat is restless & she won’t be at peace for the rest of her life.

Mannat is completely restless and she is not ready to give up. She tells her husband Shayan about Wajih’s crime but Shayan asks her to stop discussing this issue with him anymore. She tells Haya about Wajih’s confession, but Haya couldn’t believe it, her brother Wajih is not the “bheria”, Haya believes strongly.

I was really waiting for the scene when Yawar would discuss with Wajih. So finally they meets. Yawar hears everything from Wajih himself, as it is so shocking for Yawar. Wajih is more confident while justifying his crime and believes “it was just a mistake, — it made it. Now leave it.”

It is perfectly featured, how a poor man struggles for justice and fights the real “bheria’s”. He throws ink on Wahij’s face. — We loved it and it was so satisfactory. Of course “bheria” deserves it.

Everyone love the expressions of Mannat, when she sees Wajih black-coloured face [kala moonh]. Her expressions say: “Bahut acha kia Ramzan uncle ne.”

Final views

The most viewers liked, was the directions. Director Badar Mehmood did a superb job. All the scenes are perfectly assembled and the story does not seem dragged. The episode 6 was more epic than this episode 7.

Mannat is still restless even more in pain now. She has no one except Ramzan and her widow mother to believe and support her. Her acting is more electrifying and grabs more attention of the viewers.

Ramzan is also helpless to fight Yawar richer family while Wajih is buying everyone’s loyalty. Yawar is still trying to protect his youngest brother Wajih and his family’s so-called honour.

Wajih (Bilal Abbas Khan) continuously wins viewers hearts with his superb acts and expressions. It was shocking to see him casually joking about Nayab.

However, I love Noor-ul-Hassan’s acting as Ramzan — Nayab’s father. The way he rejects all offers of Wajih and Yawar, then while throwing black ink on his face, tries to show Wajih how much he hates him.