Karan’s English-edited version of Pashto song

The emerging Pashto artist Karan tested a new version of “Pashto-English” edit-mixed song to promote Pashto

The emerging singer-turn Pashto artist Karan experienced an English music-edited version of one of his songs.

Here is what he said about the song on his Official Facebook page. (the post has now been deleted)

Friends, here is the [Pashto] song, which we have “shared” Pashto’s Tappey with foreigner [English] artists. It’s a test for the purpose to bring Pashto language in-line with other [World] languages.

Karan Khan

Although the new version of this song is need of proper professional edits, production and many things more to fix. However, as Karan Khan himself said in his Facebook post, he is testing new trends in Pashto music and entertainment industry. That is what makes him an Emerging Artist.

Our best wishes are always with him.