Heartthrob Bilal Abbas as Navy Officer in Laal on Pakistan-Day

Pairing with Kubra Khan, sharing screen with Saleem Miraj and Gohar Rashid, Bilal Abbas to play Behram charracter in telefilm ‘Laal’.

The heartthrob Bilal Abbas Khan is coming on screens in a new role this Pakistan Day — 23rd March. He has to amaze his fans playing a young Navy Officer in a telifilm “Laal” on the national day.

Talking about his role, Bilal Abbas Khan explained, “The character I am playing, Behram, is a sophisticated, patriotic guy with a dream to serve in the navy and will do anything for his country. He becomes a naval officer, and there’s a powerful connection to the stone ‘laal’ and the message this telefilm has.”

This telefilm which will show Bilal Abbas Khan in a never seen before avatar as a Navy officer, has been written by Umera Ahmed and will be directed by Haseeb Hassan.

He said, “I don’t want to keep doing similar characters and with each project test myself as an actor. “Laal” is a completely new experience.”

“I’m also very excited for this because it’s a tribute to Pakistan Navy, and I honestly couldn’t be more proud of what we’re trying to make here,” Bilal further added.

Amazing actors will be sharing the screen in ‘Laal’ — the telefilm written by Umera Ahmad and directed by Haseeb Hassan. Stunning Kubra Khan, versatile Saleem Meraj, Gohar Rasheed and Rashid Naz will setup the cast.

In a very short acting career, Bilal Abbas Khan has back to back blockbuster projects to his name, such as O Rangreza, Balaa and currently on air Cheekh – which have racked up audiences’ appreciation, critical acclaim and awards for the young actor.